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 Indigenouz Royalty

Our History Isn't Defined By Slavery


Our Story

Fashion for the Conscious Mind

Indigenouz Royalty is a brand designed to spark the subconscious mind in a way that influences everyday morals, ideals, and beliefs. We must UNLearn to RELearn! Our history is drenched in lost information that must be brought to light, taught to our children and shared in a way that positively molds the future- one message at a time! Open your eyes, Open your Minds! We are the Original people; We are a people of Royalty!

Husband. Father. Black Man. Deep Thinker. That is Edward Humes III. Born and raised in several areas of Chicago (South, North, & West), he has seen first hand how family, education, music, art, culture, politics, and money can influence your mindset and upbringing. As a grown black man that uses his conscious and subconscious mind to positively influence his family and peers professionally and personally, his true ultimate goal is to provide a life and upbringing for his two sons that is rooted in truth, values, and ideals reflective of our true history!!

Indigenouz Royalty as a brand came about from a deeply rooted desire to create a source of influence that reflects the true history, roots, and culture of Blacks from the Ancient Kemet to present day time. So much of what we as a people don't know and see about our history has been silenced, mocked, looked over, and falsely duplicated for other's to gain from. This brand seeks to restore unity, pride, humility, strength and dignity for every Black Man, Woman, boy and girl! We must TRULY know where we've come from to know where we can go! We are the Original People; we are a people of Royalty!

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